VitalFit: Scientific Fit Testing

Poor fit is a major reason for clothing returns and loss of brand loyalty. VitalFit is a breakthrough technology for virtual fit testing using high-fidelity soft avatars.

VitalFit leverages exclusive soft tissue measurement data obtained by our patented process and machine learning (AI) techniques. It integrates easily into existing apparel workflows and 3D garment CAD software.

Digital Fit Testing

Integrate VitalFit into your digital product creation workflows. Run unlimited fit tests. Anytime, from anywhere, with our cloud solution.

Informed Decisions

Test how materials and patterns change fit. Visualize quantitative fit attributes in 3D, with the intuitive VitalFit app. Share results with your team. Anytime, anywhere.

Custom Soft Avatars

Turn body measurements, parametric avatars, and 3D scans into soft avatars that meet your needs. Realistic avatars that match your global customer demographics.

Digital Fit Testing


VitalFit provides high-fidelity fit predictions for apparel, personal protective equipment, and wearable device industries. Our scalable cloud architecture offloads compute-intensive fit simulations from your computers, so there is no need for an additional investment in computers. Run many fit tests in parallel, from any computer.

VitalFit is easy to use. VitalFit Bridge plugin for Browzwear VStitcher available now. Connect to VitalFit with a few mouse clicks.

Informed Decisions


VitalFit is all about data. Visualize high-fidelity fit data related to soft tissue movement and comfort. Data from advanced finite element simulations of soft tissue compression, fabric physics, and friction. With garment models that capture complexities of fabric materials and garment construction.
Intuitively compare fit data in the VitalFit app. Securely share results with your team. Collaborate globally to make fit decisions.

34C Sports Bra on Different Body Sizes

Body Compression

Custom Soft Avatars

Get the soft avatar that’s best for you

Embrace the diversity of real human body shapes and tissue properties. Work with us to develop custom avatars for your target market. Based on our research we can turn any measurements you can provide into soft avatars. From 3D body scans to tape measurements. We can model a large range of body types, to promote inclusivity.

In a hurry? Choose from our full range of standard soft avatars.

The Soft Avatar Pioneers

Winner of IEEE / 3DRC (3D Retail Coalition) Grand Challenge 2021

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