Bust Shape & Body Size Variety

Different Bust Shapes and Volumes

Your customers’ bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Now VMR offers a range of different bust shapes and volumes for fit testing! New shapes include swooped and rounded busts.
34C Bralette on Standard ASTM Size 8: 08BS, 08B, & 08BR

  1. 08BS: Standard 8 body with B cup and swoop shaped breast
  2. 08B: Standard 8 body with B cup
  3. 08BR: Standard 8 body with B cup and rounded shaped breast

Different Body Sizes

VMR offers a full range of sizes from 0 to 20, and beyond! Compare the same garment on different size avatars for sizing analysis.
Example: 1PC Swimsuit on VMR-08C and VMR-12C