VitalFit Powers Generative AI Win

VitalFit Powers Winning Generative AI Solution for 3D Product Creation

The 2023 IEEE/3DRC Grand Challenge results were announced last month, with the timely theme of “Generative AI for 3D Product Creation”. The winning academic entry was groundbreaking research at the University of British Columbia (Vital Mechanics is a spinoff from this group). Their solution, “Goal-oriented 3D Pattern Adjustment with Machine Learning”, enables pattern makers to directly specify the changes they would like to see in a fit attribute (e.g., “reduce pressure here”) and infer the required pattern adjustments.

They leveraged the ability of VitalFit technology to scalably and accurately conduct virtual fit tests in the cloud. Thousands of pattern variations were generated and fit tests were performed offline, and the fit data was used to train a generative AI model. Once trained, the model can be used in real-time to make intuitive fit adjustments. The research highlights one of the many promising applications of VitalFit. Good data is the fuel for generative AI, and VitalFit can produce it at scale.