VitalFit is an ecosystem of services and applications. To understand how they work together, we define some important concepts below. Contact us for pricing and customization for your workflow.



The most important concept is a VitalFit Avatar. You can think of a VitalFit Avatar as a tireless virtual fit model, with a specific size and realistic soft tissues that are shaped by the garment. You can subscribe to an Avatar on a monthly or a yearly basis. During the Term of the subscription you can run virtual fit tests with the Avatar, at any time, with different garments.  Note that a VitalFit Avatar is a lot more than a static 3D file. The subscription includes all the heavy computing on our servers to predict fit – you don’t need to buy any additional computers. You can securely view the results (called Fits) in the VitalFit 3D Web App from anywhere on the Internet. You can even run up to three fits at the same time. It’s like having three identical fit models, available for fit testing 24 X 7! We provide this revolutionary capability because we want you to be free to run fit tests early and often, without worry



A Team is a group of Users who work together and share resources, such as Garments, Avatars, and Fits. Resources are private to the Team and isolated from other Teams, providing a layer of privacy and security. A User can be part of more than one Team.


A User of VitalFit services can access the Team’s workspace, view and compare the 3D results of all the Fits. Most users will have the role of Creator, and can start new Fits in the Team’s workspace. For enterprise users we also offer the role of Viewer, for other stakeholders in the Team.


An Account is an organization, e.g., a brand or a manufacturer or a small business, that purchases VitalFit services from Vital Mechanics and provisions them within the organization. Every User and Team must belong to an Account. The Account authorizes new Users, and assigns each User to one or more Teams. The Account purchases Avatar subscriptions for a Team. An account may also purchase Custom VitalFit Avatars (created for their unique needs); these are available exclusively to Teams authorized by the Account. We currently offer two types of Account: Business and Enterprise.

Dynamics & Movement Analysis

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VitalFit Bridge

A VitalFit Bridge is software that makes it easy to use VitalFit services within your workflow.

VitalFit Bridge for VStitcher

This is a software plugin provided by Vital Mechanics for Browzwear’s VStitcher 3D fashion design and development software. Each plugin license is associated with a User, and allows them to design a garment in VStitcher and easily send it to VitalFit for testing with soft avatars. For each VitalFit Avatar accessible to the user, the Bridge package includes the corresponding VStitcher avatars (provided as “. vsa” files) that may be used to drape the garment in VStitcher before sending it to the VitalFit service.